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Afro Leggins

Afro Leggings: Unleashing African Colours

Afro Leggings: Unleashing African Colours

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Sublime Comfort and Fit

These Afro Leggings are crafted from a prime blend of 87% polyester, 10% spandex, and 3% wool, resulting in a product that promises both comfort and resilience. The medium thickness of the fabric, a substantial 200 gsm, ensures the leggings maintain their form while providing a cozy and relaxed feel. The special elastic waistband offers a perfect, body-hugging fit for all sizes running from S to XXXL.

Distinctive Aesthetic Appeal

Inspired by the timeless Ghana traditional kente pattern, these Afro leggings bring the vibrant African colours to life. Each pair boasts an in-house fabric print design, curated carefully to provide a unique look. The full-length design trails down to your ankles, providing a more flatteringly formal look suitable for all occasions and weather conditions. They're not just a wear; they're a statement!

Quality that Lasts

These leggings signify lasting quality. The no-fade feature ensures the vibrant colours and patterns stay bright and impactful even after countless machine washes. The curvy design accentuates your build while the front lace-up drawstring closure adds a nice, fashionable touch.

Features: No Fade , Elastic, Breathable, Curvy, Soft

- Machine-washable & hang to dry
- Front lace up drawstring closure/High waistband
- Size: S - XXXL

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